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Campbell Hörmann | Member of Integra International

CHP is member of Integra International®

Integra International® is an international community of tax consultants, certiefied public accountants, lawyers and business consultants that shares knowledge and provides professional services on a regular basis, both nationally and internationally. We, CHP, are also a member of the Integra International network since January 2023. Our lawyers, tax advisors and business consultants offer the following services, among others: Tax consulting, tax returns, financial reports, financial accounting, payroll accounting, legal advice, international tax law, auditing, inheritance law and inheritance tax, corporate restructuring and financing. Contact us for more information!


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Our consultants in the Integra International network


Campbell Hörmann | Dr. Rafael Hörmann

Dr. Rafael Hörmann

Dr. Rafael K. Hörmann is a founding partner of CHP and is admitted to practice as a lawyer and as a tax lawyer in Germany. 

Campbell Hörmann | Dr. Joachim Gabloffsky

Dr. Joachim Gabloffsky

Dr. Joachim Gabloffsky is partner of CHP since April 2022 and is admitted as tax advisor and auditor in Germany.

Campbell Hörmann | Philip Birkmaier

Philip Birkmaier

Philip Birkmaier has provided consultancy to clients within the Integra International network of the last decade. 


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